Here in Napa, you need look no further for your tree services. We have the tools and the necessary expertise to keep all of your trees and shrubbery in good working order for as long as you want to be. Now - there are not corners cut here. We are not on a busman’s holiday. We are there to help and we have the experience that we need to be able to perform a good service every single day. We have left a long string of happy customers behind us and we want you to join part of that list. The testimonials on this website are testament to our success and we will be adding to them very soon!

About Us

Our team love working here. It is a simple fact. The reason being that we have an ethos here that is shared by all of us. It hinges on great customer service skills and the ability to deliver a great product every single time. Our employees are always well trained and they are never under prepared when it comes to tree services. With the training, we also give our staff regular tool packages to make sure that they are properly equipped to be able to get a good job well done every time you need us to.


The reason we have set up with website is because there is only one things stopping us from growing and that is because the customers don’t know about all off the services that we can offer. Therefore, we have split the things we can do into different service pages and we hope that you will go there and read up for yourself on the things that we can do. It is up to you to go and have a look if you need to find out any kind of information. The service pages will detail what we offer and how best to get the ball rolling.

Construction Vehicle Removing Tree Branches

Tree Removal

Trees are very sturdy for one very simple reason - they are locked into the ground. Therefore, if for any reason you need to get a tree removed, you will need to contact a professional to get the job done. We are those professionals and we want to be a one stop shop for all of your tree removal needs. With our tools and our expertise, we do a great job every single time and we want to prove this to you so get in touch today!

Professional Trimming Bushes and Trees

Tree Trimming

Think of it like nails or hair - if you let them grow out long then sometimes, it will become a problem or, at the very least, it will require a lot more maintenance and time valuable time spent out of your day. It is the same with trees. We operate a great trimming service that is based on the precepts that are agreed upon by science and the tree surgery community. Check out this service page to see what benefits you can expect from our tree trimming service.

“Tree cutting services and tree removal services near me, as well as tree trimming near me have never been easier. These guys with their trimmers and their bush removal service are the epitome of affordable tree care service companies.” - Martin U.

Tree Pruning

What kind of an image springs to mind when you think about the word pruning? Probably it is quite a soft one. It is quite a dainty one that is based on making giraffe’s out of trees and posh little shapes. However, pruning services can be very useful and practical. While we don't exactly do landscape design, we remove the dead branches and improve the shape and structure of trees. We want to show you the evidence to back this up and the quickest way to do that is to visit our service page. It is something you will not regret doing, we can promise you that.

Tree Pruning by Napa Tree Services

Stump Grinding and Removal

A “teeth” image springs to mind here doesn’t it? We don’t mean to get gratuitous but stump grinding and removal is not something that you need to be thinking about when it comes to your teeth! Rather, to the remnants of trees that are stuck in the ground and are too stubborn to deal with. Not for us - we are there with our experience and our machinery to make sure that a good job gets done every single time!

Tree Stump for Grinding and Removal

“We love this service and we have recommended it to all of our friends and family!” - I. Poih

Fallen Tree and Napa Tree Emergency

Tree Emergencies

If you want to know what a tree emergency is or how you are able to avoid them, then head over to this service page where we will explain everything to you. It is something that is normally easily fixable but only if you have the professionals on side. We are those professionals and there is not more need to feel hopeless in the face of a tree emergency ever again! We can be the helping hand that you need.

Napa Tree Services Tree Protection and Safety

Tree Protection & Safety

Why would you need to protect a tree? You might be thinking. They can probably protect themselves, right? Yes, is the answer to that - trees are some of the most durable natural objects in the world and they will remain so for the rest of time. However, it depends what is around your tree and it depends on what kind of tree you want. When it comes to tree protection and safety, we can show you how it works. Just visit our service page to find out more.

“Arborists come and go but these guys are here to stay. Tree removal costs and affordable tree services are better than we could have imagined. Stump grinding isn’t bad either!” - Charlie. P


Napa Tree Services loves supporting our fellow tree care business owners around the country. If you're looking for Tree Service Rock Hill, SC, our friends there will take care you of you. And if you're in New Mexico, our partner tree service rio rancho provides excellent service.

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It could not be easier to get in touch with us. There are three main ways to do it and the details of every single one can be found right here on this website. We are there to speak to you and to answer your problems but we can only do that if you get in touch. So - give us a call, send us an email or come in and see us in person. Whichever one is best for you - we are there to handle all your issues and we very much look forward to hearing from you! What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate! Get in touch today!