Tree Protection and Safety

Napa Tree Services Tree Protection and Safety

Bear with us whilst we go off and change our hats again. There is a big difference between tree cutting and tree removal and tree protection and safety. Here, we are the bodyguards of the trees, the custodians of nature, or that small part of nature that is tall and green and stoic and strong. They may look indestructible but they are in need of a little bit of support every now and then. We want to be there to provide that support so if you have a tree and you want to make sure it is protected, keep on reading to understand why you might need to think this way and what you can do about it.


Growing up and Ageing 

When trees are in the prime of their life there is no need to worry about the physical harm that could come to them unless you live in an area that is very prone to large storms. However, when a tree is growing, it is much more fragile and therefore it needs to be kept safe from the things that could harm it. The same can be said for a beloved tree once it gets to a ripe old age as well. Trees are a bit like people in this way and it is important to know how to protect them when they are vulnerable as well as when they are weak. They are a bit like people in that way, wouldn’t you agree?


Tree Protection Zone

This strange term is used to describe the distance between the stem of a tree and the surrounding area. The reason why this might need to be put in place is because the tree’s crown and roots need to be given stability and space when they are in their nascent stage. All many of things could be damaging to a young tree if it is not given this protection. There are many kinds of impacts, construction issues and possibilities of alien intervention, by which we mean animal, that might come into contact with the tree and hamper its growth. If a big strong tree is what you envisage, then contact us to help you to achieve that.


Protection Plans 

If the area surrounding a tree is a little bit prone to change over a certain period then it might need to be protected for the duration of the time of change. We deal with this by using something called a tree protection plan. This is essentially a blueprint where we are able to put in place the necessary steps to make sure that the tree stays safe and secure whilst everything is going on around them - it could be in reference to construction work or something a little bit different but with the same effect.


Whatever You Need! 

Here, we want to say that we are very open to your suggestions and to your concerns. If you have a tree that you particularly care about and you want to ensure its health, then we are all ears. With our experience and our skill, we are sure we have what it takes to help. Learn more about us.