Tree Pruning

Napa Tree Services Tree Pruning

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "tree pruning"? Probably not the nicest image in the world, right? We think of the brown fruit, the purple delicious fruit that grows somewhere in the world, probably Turkey or Greece and we also thing of “pruning” as a form of maintenance and cosmetic work. That is, clearly, the area that we are involved in. We don’t have a secret Mediterranean orchard somewhere that we run as a side-business. Therefore, let us explain what tree pruning is on this page, how it can benefit you and how to go about organising the job.


What is Pruning? 

Tree pruning is the practice of cutting the edges of the tree branches, leaves and whatever kind of foliage extensions we are dealing with. It can be a light duty job as well as a heavy duty job and it can take 30 minutes as well as a full day depending on the scale of the task and about the specific requirements that it has. When we complete a pruning job, we only ever use state of the art tools that are sure to work perfectly on the day, helping us to make sure that we always perform a great service for you and for your yard.


Delicacy and Topiary 

We may seem like rugged worker types at times but we are so much more than that with our tree pruning services. We have been doing heavy duty tree work for a while meaning that we have hard hands and hardened work ethics, however, we are very ready to perform the more dainty, arty jobs at the same time. Whatever you want, whether it is a makeshift seal or a giant giraffe or a small rat, we are able to try and make it work. It all starts with a conversation and that is one that we are very ready to have. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.


Shears and Shrewdness 

However, some tree pruning services may be a bit tougher and the benefits of it are a bit different than style. Here, it is less about aesthetics, we get out the proper heavy duty shears and settle in for an afternoon of hard work. We are very prepared to do this kind of work and we like to roll our sleeves up and get the work done. When we perform this kind of pruning job, it may be because of the health of two tangled trees, or because of a case of encroachment, or it might be about getting a property looking sharp for a resale or for a party - whatever the case, we are ready for it!


Our Team 

We have grown up here as well as in different places but all of us have an attachment to the area. This is a very important point to make. We are ready to help with a smile and we want to leave you smiling at the end of the day! Our customer service is out of this world! This is partially why we try to offer a variety of services, including our tree stump grinding and removal.