Tree Trimming

Napa Tree Services Tree Trimming

As tree trimmers, we give you this hypothetical scenario: would you let your car sit on the driveway, gathering dust, growing weak or looking bad, covered in mud and dust from a previous drive? No, probably not, is the answer that we imagine you would five to that question. Well, we are here to tell you that it is the same with trees. These giants of nature need a bit of tender love and care every now and then and we are able to give it to them, not to mention stopping them from ruining everything around them with excessive growth as well. Keep on reading to find out more benefits and to see how to get the ball rolling.


Tree Health 

That is the thing about trees - they have a health and a lifespan just like humans and animals do. Heck, trees are well known for having their age etched into their bodies and if this isn’t a demonstration of what we are talking about then we don’t know what is. We do not refer to ourselves as tree surgeons like some contractors do but we accept the point. We prefer to see ourselves as arborists. Here, we are able to come and assess the extent of tree growth and match it with the health before proposing a work schedule to you.


Density and bulk 

So, when trees continue to grow it is not just outward, in fact they are growing within themselves as well and if this is allowed to continue for a long period of time then we, as tree trimmers, will have to come in and make sure that a good trimming job takes place. Think of this aspect as thinning your hair - it makes the whole thing look less unkempt and there are benefits as well. For humans it is about making sure you look good but for trees it is about making sure that they tree has enough oxygen in its system and that all the leaves are able to photosynthesise properly.


Growth and Extension 

However, the classic problem of over-reaching icarus trees is one that we have all heard before. This is the scenario: the tree reaches over the garden fence and begins to affect the life of the people who live near you. When this happens, it is much better to call us in for a small price and get our expertise to help instead of putting up with the argument that will follow and the potential legal battle that will cost a lot more and that will give you much more of a headache ultimately. So, with that being said - get in touch and see what we can do to help! Also, tree pruning just might be an excellent accompanying solution.


Call Today! 

We are available today for new projects and pieces of work in the local area. It only takes two seconds and it will make you feel a lot easier about the whole situation. We look forward to hearing from you and to creating a great business relationship together. Call us today for a tree trimming cost that provides you the quality service you want!